Millennials: Don’t call, friend me!

At Hayes House, we believe in bringing your cyber and real worlds together in seamless harmony. With classic and vintage designs that let our residents feel that their home is always Instagram ready. We also ensure that a fully charged phone is just steps away, thanks to USB ports built into the floor plan.

Many of us are attached to our smartphones and other smart devices- particularly millennials. Millennials often try to connect their two worlds: One real and the other being virtual. Most of the time, millennials will tell everyone that they meet at a social event, bar, dinner or the local coffee shop such as Fido’s in Hillsboro Village to just add them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, opting to connect both personally and virtually.

Access to technology and devices are fueling millennials and their ability to stay social 24/7. Younger Millennials access social media sites more on their laptops more than mobile devices, some of which have chosen not to use smartphones at all and just rely on laptops. Older millennials choose to use their smartphones or tablets as their choice of social networking, without even owning a laptop, other than our work computers. Regardless of the age of millennials, we spend more than 20-21 hours each month on social networking according to Fox News.

What is your choice of choosing your own social networking skill when meeting new people in public? Phone? Twitter? Facebook? Instagram?

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