New Home, Who Dis?

You’ve taken your first leap into adulting, now it’s time to decorate! Perhaps the most fun part of renting your first home is the time that you now get to spend making it your own. Here are our 5 tips for turning your first place into your special space:

  1. Pin, Pin, Pin! Pinterest has to be one of the greatest inventions in the social media world! The decorating ideas and possibilities are literally endless! The moment you type in a simple search topic such as “Apartment Decor”, you receive countless other secondary search pins to tack onto yours. If you need a starting point for inspiration, Pinterest is the app for you!
  2. Follow Home Decorator blogs! In addition to Pinterest, Following great bloggers can provide inspiration for decorating your home. A few of our favorites include pages like Our Vintage Home Love by Diana Gray, Simply Farmhouse by Danielle Grant, and Old Sea Grove Homes by Cynthia and Alex Rice. You can find all of these amazing bloggers on Instagram as well, where you can see them showcase their awesome styles.
  3. Shop the Facebook Marketplace! There are so many great items that are being listed on the Facebook Marketplace. You can find old pieces that other Facebook users have reimagined and created something completely new with, or shop pages like Travis Summers Woodworking to find great pieces to include in your space.
  4. Etsy! Another great shop gifted to us in this age of social media! Shop beautiful pieces to fit into the style that you are trying to create for yourself!
  5. Target! Okay, so this one requires you to take a break from the internet, but it can prove to be well worth it. Target has to be one of the greatest stores ever created. Take a stroll through their home decor section and brace yourself for the impact of inspiration you are bound to be struck with, as you look through their Threshold items. While you’re there, you can also take a detour to the clothing department and decorate your closet with a new wardrobe. Why not, right?

What are some decorating tips and tricks you’ve already used in your new home?

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